Always With You!

We are creating a new vision for travel. The Taxi&Guide platform provides your every step with ultimate freedom, absolute comfort and 100% personalized travel experience.

Through a bidding system that allows countless options and unlimited customization of every aspect of travel from the smallest detail to the big picture, each Taxi&Guide trip is a completely unique and personal journey. Our platform connects travelers looking for the luxury of tailoring with a worldwide network of travel specialistsin one place. Whether you need a taxi to drive you through the highways, a guide to lead you through the byways or an adventure with both, we are always with you!

Our Mission

To make each travel experience unforgettable.

Our Vision

We envision a world without borders where we can take anyone anywhere through an exceptional travel experience.

Our Values
 Freedom in travel
Freedom in travel
  17/7/365 support
17/7/365 support
 Instant communication
Instant communication
Always with you
Always with you

Our Taxi&Guide community is global! We are always with you wherever you go. You can find us in your pocket at any location. Our access spans through various cities in diverse countries around the world.

Customize your experience

See the world like no one else by controlling where you go, how you do it and with how much! We believe the best travel experience could only come out of personalizing every detail. Whether you would prefer to stay casual or get right to the specifics, you hold the choice. You can craft your perfect trip by entering your preferences, your musts and even your budget and get matched with the travel experts who will make it happen.It’s a match made in heaven!

Your travel - your price

Our unique bidding system guarantees the best price for your travel! You can travel extravagantly or on a budget, the choice is yours. You set your preferred budget and let the offers flow. The bidding system allows you to compare competitive offers from different travel professionals and select the one that works for you.

Travel with ease

Book a transfer or a trip from the comfort of your screen with your own rules! Our goal is to take you on the adventures you dream of. From the moment you register to the end of your journey, it is a smooth sailing experience. We strive to put your mind at ease so we created a 17/7 customer support network that works relentlessly to tackle your simplest or biggest issues and resolves them stress-free.

Taxis and guides by our standards

We are always with you, which means we work tirelessly to ensure your safety, comfort and satisfaction with your transfer or trip.

Our approach

We believe that travel should be an enjoyable and stress-free experience. Because we recognize that you put your trust in us, we take all the proper measures to keep you safe.

Meticulous verification process

Our platform connects travelers with travel specialists everywhere you can imagine. So, we try to make our verification process as strict and secure as possible for individuals and companies carrying out your transfers and trips. By making sure their official documents and background checks are all clear so you can travel through Taxi & Guide with peace of mind.

Immediate support for you

We have a committed support team equipped with all the technology to help you right away. This team is here for you around the clock to intently listen and immediately address any situation before, during and after your transfer or trip.

We protect your information

We make sure your personal data is protected while using the Taxi & Guide platform. It is our responsibility to make your mind at ease and secure your information every step of the way. View Privacy Policy.

Let’s stay safe together

We prioritize your safety above all else so we work to keep Taxi & Guide attentive to you, instantly responsive and secure in every aspect. Here are a few easy steps to help us guarantee a better experience for you:

Be specific with your request

We always recommend you take advantage of the many customization options for your transfer or trip to ensure your travel is just the way you love it.

Match your taxi or guide

Before each transfer or trip, be sure to match the details of your taxi or guide with the details on your screen, including data like their personal identification or license plates.

Contact support whenever you need

We are always with you on a 17/7 basis to tackle your every concern regarding your travel experience. So be sure to be in contact with our support team in case of any issue.

Rate and review

At the end of each transfer or trip, we ask for your feedback which makes a true difference. We take every comment into consideration in order to make Taxi & Guide a better platform for you and travelers everywhere.